Corporate Profile

Ronald van Grunsven

Founder Director

Provides dynamic leadership for diverse functions of the Company and his urge for growth and diversification lead to new vision for the Company. He has expertise in IT enabled services and has extensive experience with corporate Europe in IT services, Finance and Management. He has work experience of over 25 years, backed with formal Economical and Administrative education and Business Management.

Harry Viet

Founder Director

Responsible for developing growth strategy and implementation of new projects and business plans for the Company. He has expertise in computer software and IT enabled services, having work experience of over 3 decades, backed with formal qualifications of Royal Navy Computer Technology / Information Technology, Economics and Financial Accounting and Business Management.

OVU India has evolved over the last ten years from a base team of 6 to a strength of 30. The team is a combination of strong and ambitious management team, infrastructure, technically strong and experienced IT professionals with high skill sets to manage exponential growth of the company. In addition, the company has the synergy of various levels of Finance and Accounting professionals.

The Ventures United International Group is based in Uden, The Netherlands. The Group companies establish, support and improve the online collaboration between Accounting Firms and their clients (SMEs) by strategic technologies, intelligence and services. OVU’s slogan is ‘Get Result by Online Collaboration’.

New developments in the field of online accounting and online collaboration between office and entrepreneur lead to new initiatives. OVU launched OVU Docuvaris for offices and entrepreneurs with the possibility for much faster and easier processing of documents. OVU also provides other products like Scanboeken, SBRGateway, Teleboekhouden and Visipos. A number of accounting firms, administration offices and many thousands of entrepreneurs make use of OVU products.

The Group is in operation for last about 10 years in The Netherlands and has vast coverage through 260+ offices of well known Accounting Firms like Accon AVM, Mazars, FLYNTH etc. whose customer list includes Business Leaders, NGOs, Academic institutions and Tech-Trade bodies.

  • First in the Netherlands with PKIoverheid certificate.
  • Maximum security for identification, authentication and authorization.
  • Fast, secure, online communication and information exchange on official documents.
  • Supports status monitoring and reminders.
  • Continuous data availability, data processing and other services like audit trail.
  • Connects directly with accounting applications.
  • Quick Response to new developments from the government and bank.

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