The SBRgateway is a SaaS solution for digital communications between Accounting Firms, their clients and the government/bank in easier and more reliable way.

SBRgateway is a portal that allows to prepare all official declarations in XBRL format for submission to government and banks. It validates, approves, sends and archives these declarations. It is a comprehensive suite for easy integration with accountancy software, yet simple and transparent. Using SBRgateway, entrepreneur can authorise declarations to government and bank gateway by signing with digital certificates. SBR Portaal uses industry standards like SOAP, X509 Certificates and API Key.

Salient Features

Complete “in the cloud” solution

No software installation required

Use of a simple scanner

Read, process and archive incoming and outgoing invoices, receipts and bank statements

Retrieve records from scanned invoices

‘Look & Feel’ Customization of SBRgateway

Gentle reminders or notifications for timely declarations

Efficient communication with bank and government gateways

The end of unnecessary manual work

Cost effective for clients