Scanboeken is a new SaaS solution of YOB. With Scanboeken, you can read, store and process incoming and outgoing invoices digitally for accounting purpose.

By using cutting-edge technology, there is optimal output from scanned invoices. That saves time. This distinguishes it from other scanning solutions. In addition, there are advantages of low cost to start and use.

Salient Features

Compatible with all tax and reporting softwares

Accessible over PC, tablet or smartphone

Early detection of errors and logging

Automated monitoring of progress

User-friendly view of XBRL files using XBRLviewer

Share documents with clients

Easy to start & extend

Fully integrated with accounting software

Submission of declarations to government through our global certificate (No PKI certificate is required)

Administrative processes run faster and cheaper

Easing the entrepreneur

Fully integrates with existing accounts, methods and charts of accounts

Low investment and low running cost

Notifies ghost invoices

Provides platform for Accounting Firms and Offices to share digital archive

Quick Search for digitally archived data

Supports data retention