Work Culture

We create innovation and profitability through intellectual property, domain expertise and a passionate workforce. Better and better ideas are the result of applied thinking, actual experience and an anything-is-possible attitude. Our leadership harness these traits with the team.

Today, the Group, with this unique asset, continues its legacy in India and endeavours to earn the admiration of the group’s stakeholders in a manner no other businesses can hope to match.

Our Core Values

In congruence to the Group philosophy, OVU shares five core values – integrity, understanding, excellence, unity, and responsibility. Adherence to ethics and excellence, and the commitment towards serving communities have been at the core of our Group's unblemished growth and development for last 10 years. These principles evoke trust and goodwill among consumers, employees, shareholders, and the larger community.

Timely Support

Contact Us! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Innovative Ideas

We encourage our team for creativity and innovative ideas .

Advanced Technology

Our team is involved in desiging products using cuting edge technology.

Clear Communication

We believe in clear and effective communication.